Fernando Butazzoni

Uruguayan novelist, journalist, screenwriter and playwright. Born in Montevideo in 1953, he is winner of many international awards for literature and cinema. 

In 1979, at the age of 25, he won the Casa de las Américas Literature Award. His first novel was awarded by the Confederation of Central America Universities with the Latin American Prize EDUCA, in 1981. Since then his work has been translated into other languages.

The Uruguayan Book Chamber granted it the Bartolomé Hidalgo Award 2014, during the Montevideo International Book Fair.

In 2016, Cátedra Mario Vargas Llosa put the novel  Ashes of Condor on the list of his Hispano-American Biennial Book Award, and a few weeks later Casa de las Américas granted it with the José María Arguedas Prize.

Four years later, he again participated in the Vargas Llosa Biennial with his new novel: "Those Who Will Never Forget."

Other books:  El tigre y la nieve ("The Tiger and the Snow", 1986),  Una historia americana, ("An American Story", 2017),  Los que nunca olvidarán ("Those Who Will Never Forget", 2020).

With an adventurous and radical spirit, he has traveled to extreme places around the world (the Andes, the jungles in Central America, Antarctica, among other places) and has left testimony of it in many articles and essays.

He has also been as a cultural activist in the government of his city and country. He currently lives in his hometown, from where he writes regularly for magazines and newspapers in several countries.